(Part 2) Sometimes They Just Get Tired

Nov 7 Weekend Report (part 2)-    Bear on a Tear! Bears can be powerful when on the attack, and Bear Market sell-offs are no different! Sometimes, however, they just get tired. In Part 1,  I was pointing out a few other hated sectors that have been selling off viciously and showing how they are setting up at their lows in various ways. We caught Energy (XLE)  the day of the lows mid October,  and they bounced and double bottomed and so on. COAL / Uranium stocks similar...so what about Gold, Silver, & Miners? LAST WEEK I saw some interesting things and want to share them with you now. To The Charts!   Audio & what I wrote are almost the same, audio is 20 minutes, if you dont have time, reading it is almost the same. AUDIO = click here   wkend report part 2 GOLD WEEKLY GOLD WKLY   Gold rejected the lower price/break down last week and closed at the highs, just shy of breaking back into that trading area. We want to see that this week. Will we? Look at the Middle indicator (Histogram) & the RSI. At new Price lows , they usually drops too. We hit new price lows, break down lows, and the Hist held up. I like that divergence. At the end of Part 1 I said ...As I write GOLD is dropping straight down $6 and it will again be difficult to post a BULLISH report,  but I would actually like to see GOLD crash down to $1154!!     I would!      (He said as GOLD continues to drop)   We are now down $12 to $1166. I am O.K. with that.     Read More

Are The Bears Toast – Or Just Napping?

Weekend Report Nov 9   In my past few reports, I have been pointing out many "Set ups" in Energy / Coal / Uranium stocks & Miners possibly setting up too.  Friday  I posted in my report that I was buying pre-mkt at 6 a.m. in the Gold/Silver sector , and laid out all the reasons why. In this weekend report I want to share further thoughts, observations. At times in my research  I try to think outside the box -  and I even find stuff that blows MY  mind .  I did and want to share that too.  To start....Are the Bears in some sectors taking a nap or losing control?  To the charts!  My reports earlier this week highlighted Opportunities showing double bottoms and other bullish set ups .  This chart was posted for uranium for Example:  They were READY TO BUY   URANIUMS Here it is now URA UPDATE Others mentioned have burst upward and the good news? Similar opportunities are still present, lets review several sectors...   Read More

Its Scary – Yet Its Beautiful

CLOUDS   Nov 7, 2014  7 A.M.  The clouds that you see in the above Pictures are real. If you were standing there watching them drop down, it could be very eerie, scary , and yet at the same time....Beautiful! The Mammatus clouds are very rare, and that's why when you see one dropping down before your eyes in a way that is not normal...it is mesmerizing . It can freeze you in your tracks. What does that have to do with GOLD?.... http:click here  Read More