Running With The Bulls?

The  DJIA, SPX and NASDAQ have basically been in a sideways move through most of 2015, as seen in the chart below.  Despite the sideways action, there have been many Bullish set ups and even Bullish action in some of the beaten down sectors . The good news is that it doesn't look like it is about to end now. Lets look at some charts and discuss this further...

DJIA-  Jan -May was rather sideways


We have discussed sideways consolidations in the past and how they can lead to some nice trending moves when they finally break free...

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If you're a premium reader here, then you know what we've been getting a little excited about, even wondering out loud if it's possible that ...???  Well,  We'll get to that in a minute,  first lets discuss a few other charts   : )

SPX - When this consolidation breaks, the move should last for a while

SPX 5-13  

The NASDAQ looks a little different...

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Are There Storms On The Horizon?

As I have discussed in previous reports,  I am seeing some really bullish set ups in some Sectors, and some interesting moves in other sectors, but  still I have to wonder if there could be future storms rolling in within the equity markets?   Lets look at some charts...

The NASDAQ re-gained the 50sma, but is still weakish.  Look at that MACD.  We need a burst higher soon.

NAZ 5-12

Lets look at the SPX...

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