Reversals of fortune?

We have a FED MTG directly ahead of us , should we even be looking at the volatile Precious metals? Well, I wont recommend anything, but I need to point out some nice looking reversals...lets start with PAAS PAAS REVERSAL  March 18   Read More

Update : CPE March 18

Buying CPE @ $6.60 has paid off rather nicely . The CPE update here  showed that the set up was still bullish as it then traded near $8.00. Yesterday & Today it traded around $9...whats next... CPE UPDATE MARCH 18   Read More

GDXJ 4 hr chart

GDXJ has broken inside the triangle on increasing volume, using a 4hr chart . (Click to enlarge)


More downside would seem likely  (Especially a close inside)


I've been asked what I see with the selling in GDXJ / GDX today. - I can view it in a few different ways, so lets start with the daily -( Is it just a simple "test" of the break out & 10sma ?) GDXJ  daily  March 17   Read More

Two stocks appealing

I'm Still liking Rare Earth set ups( See  QRM, AVL, REE,MCP ) as mentioned in a prior post. They have "Based out" and look to be moving above( and some have finding support above) their Moving averages . I also like some of the energy stocks like AXAS , MNGA, & a few others are starting to look good. Let me highlight 2 stocks and why I like them.  SHLO  and MNGA Read More

AAU Important update

I wanted to quickly review a possible change in the way AAU looks. It may have gone from "Bullish" to "Caution" , please read on... Read More


Noticed some reversals in RARE EARTHS today.  They look oversold and seem to be “BASING”. see  AVL, QRM, REE, MCP

MCP  as an example



GDX – GAP FILL or more?

GDX  is this just a gap fill Some short term indicators got a little overdone. Is this just a gap fill, or is this run getting "Tired" and due for a little more downside? Read More

What I’m Watching …

This isnt just a precious Metals site, but that is where a lot of action is lately. Lets take a look at a few good looking set ups. AAU hasnt "Popped" yet, but it looks set up to move higher AAU READY TO GO The Equity markets are dipping lower, but that can allow consolidation of recent gains to re-set a stock for re-entry. Notice... Read More


We started watching ANV in the $3+ area back in Dec/Jan ... ANV JAN 9 But the future STILL has a lot of potential !! Read More