Round 2. Pot Stocks

I want to show you how I follow individual stocks over the course of a month.  In this post, I’ll show you how I have been covering NBEV. [The following is a sample of Alex’s work over the past few weeks] (1/10/19) NBEV  DECEMBER 21  – Back on Dec 21, NBEB broke down through an […]

Precious Metals – “Oh My Precious”

Let’s take a look at Precious Metals (Below is a sample of Alex’s work from the week)   GOLD –  I posted this in the comments, just showing how GOLD does not want to sell off, it has formed a triangle so far.   GOLD #1 – I have stated in the past that ‘TRIANGLES’ usually mess […]

Let me tell you a story about gold.

Gold has been on a run during this market correction.  There is more to the story and I’d like to show you.   Before we get started, lets look back at $GDX and $GDXJ how they closed out 2018… THE MONTH OF DECEMBER HAS NOW CLOSED,  AND THERE IS NOTHING BEARISH ABOUT THIS MONTHLY CHART.  […]