May 11th – A Big Picture Report For The Public

It has been a while since I posted a Public Report, so I want to post part of this past weekends report to the Public.

 For my Readers,  I post daily reports to discuss the markets and also offer 'trade set ups' if certain sectors are acting bullishly,  but I like to use the weekend report  to step back and take a look at the Bigger Picture.  This report will show you some of what we have been discussing at Chartfreak.   This is part of the May 11 Big Picture Weekend report .

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An Index & Market Update

The following is an update on the market and indexes.  The charts are a sample of Alex's work from the week.    (2/8/19)

We have been expecting a bit of  pull back in the General Markets, and it would likely start after the SPX tagged that 200sma.   I am not expecting a wash out sell off, it will be more of a ' Buy the Dip' type of pull back into the first dcl, but if you want to hold on to most of your recent gains?  Then at the first signs of cracks in the ice,  you would certainly tighten stops or take some profits.  You want to Stay Frosty for a while.


SPX - The SPX tagged that 200sma,  dropped to the 10 sma,  and bounced  bit into the end of the day. We are on Day 30  and I expect this to eventually back test the 50sma.

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Trading Technique: Go Where the Action Is

(The following is a sample of Alex’s work from the week.  This is more of a sophisticated trading technique best served for traders with some experience under their belt.) (From 2/1/19) This example is a case where a trader is holding several positions and while active trading them, notices that one is beginning to run […]