June 8 – Energy

We've been discussing Oil and Energy among other things recently, and I wanted to mention what I am noticing in this sector lately.

WTIC - Over a month ago, I had a target of $51.60.  I felt that Oil may struggle at the $50 area and pull back before moving higher. A drop into a Daily Cycle Low would be the red path shown.  The Green path is possible too.

6-8 WTIC

We do see that struggle at the $50 area, but here is something to consider...

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June 6 – Lining Up

Everything that we have been discussing is still lining up. Lets review...


SPX - I have been expecting a bullish rise since the lows in February, and a higher high after the DCL.  Quite interesting that even after a very weak jobs report Friday,  the chart remains bullishly lined up. 

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June 4 Part 2 – The Golden Egg

This is part 2 of our weekend report, and it will focus on the Precious Metals Market.  In Last weekends report, I pointed out this very important chart.  What was I trying to draw attention to? 


GOLD- Using Cycles, the Intermediate Cycle Low (ICL) , a very meaningful bottom, has been arriving every 4-5 months. I pointed out that at 6 months from the Dec 3rd ICL, a very important low is due.  Gold was not plunging deeply into its low,  so many were not buying,  they are waiting for that deep pullback. Would it be that easy to get 'low priced Miners' again? I thought we would see the ICL in 1 or 2 weeks. Here we are, 1 week later.

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June 4 – Shocked

I believe there were a lot of shocked faces Friday after the release of the Jobs Report. The Dollar absolutely tanked and Gold surged higher. In fact,  GDX was up over 11% by the close. Was it completely unexpected here at Chartfreak?  The dramatic fashion that things occurred was a little surprising, but I have been focused on Miners again since last weekends report. I said in last weekends report that  " It is time to focus on Precious Metals again".  I mentioned that the "Timing" was due for a low and in each daily report I tried to point out more evidence that something was coming.  Today, we will discuss this even further.  Lets get right into the market review.


SPX WKLY -  Nothing has changed here. We dot our DCL and now we are waiting for a break to new highs or failure.

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Friday, the final trading day of the week.

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Gold Bull Market | Robert Alexander | Chart Freak

The Gold Bull Market – Is it time yet?

The Gold Bull Market

Do you think the Gold Bull Market has returned?   Obviously I do, and have been trading as if the Gold Bull Market has returned.  You need to be aware of this opportunity and appreciate that another big move in this Gold Bull Market is again developing.  If this next move is anything like the moves seen during past Gold Bull Market's, then you will not want to miss the next buying entry after this current correction winds down. I was able to successfully guide Chart Freak members through the recent 100% rally in gold miners when we bought the lows back in the middle of January.  Those gains were exceptional, to say the least.  In some cases, junior miners rose up by 500% off the lows, and are now consolidating those gains in preparation for the next leg higher. My recent weekend report (premium version) took a deeper look at Gold's recent correction and how the current action in the US Dollar may impact the precious metals market.   However, it is again time to start paying closer attention to the Precious Metals markets, because after-all this is a Gold Bull Market.  Let me take you through some of the premium content I shared recently and review what I believe is occurring.

Gold Weekly

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June 2- Patiently Waiting

Many readers here like to trade daily, attempting to scalp some short term gains or trying to grab a small run.  Others may be patiently waiting in cash for a longer term run, like we saw in Miners from Mid January through April? Like the Bear in the theme picture patiently waiting for a salmon run,  they soon should be rewarded.  After a market review, let's discuss what is involved in that waiting period.


SPX- We still see our bullish set up and even got a reversal Wednesday after an early sell off.

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Technical Difficulties

To start with,  I know many followed me on this trade, since it was pointed out a few times as low risk above the 200sma and very oversold. You should not have been stopped out with price holding the 200sma, as part of the trading plan.


CLF - May 23 -  Low risk entry above the 200sma, stop loosely below the 200sma.

CLF 5-23

May 25-  A trend line was also acting as support and the MACD was correcting itself.

CLF 5-24

CLF May 31 -  Sweet, up 40% more today.

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