Public Post – The Bigger Picture

Here at Chartfreak , we’ve been looking at the short term moves for traders that are likely to occur as well as The Big Picture that may be changing.  I expected  changes, and  that is what we have seen developing already in 2016.    The weekend report had over 30 charts, so I thought that I would share a couple here with the public readers.


SPX QUARTERLY –  They say that a picture is worth 1000 words.  This speaks volumes if things dont change in a big way.


Lets look at a few other areas…


In November & December I was looking for a double top in the USD,  Not a run to 120 .  This chart was posted on Dec 11.

USD WKLY 12-11

Fast forward 2 months.   Yes, we  COULD get a run to 120, if this is a cup & handle, but at this point I still see the possibility of a double top.  Of course,  that could affect Commodities and Precious metals in the Bigger Picture.

USD 1-22 wkly


Big Picture Oil


In November I pointed out my OIL weekly target of $26.06 in a different chart, when OIL was at $42.   Then this chart showed divergence on the drop .  So now I think that we are closer to a bottom after entering the 20’s.




GOLD –  January 19 I was pointing out that GOLD is a Bullish looking set up, but Miners were breaking down to new lows.

GOLD 1-19


GDX WKLY –  This looks like a Shake out & Reversal.  I am expecting further upside, but it’s difficult to say if it will be a strong run or not at this point.


GDXJ WKLY –  Shake out.

GDXJ 1-22 wklt BULL

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