Quick thoughts...

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Oversold Oil

The Dollar has been strong for a long time, and the markets have gone up with it.  Also Metals have dropped with the stronger dollar. This is the dollar.  Is it going to BREAK OUT? USD 8-5 Read More


When dealing with Cycles, there are times that they are getting s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d, and other times when the count has simply started over.  Right now in the Precious Metals markets we are facing that situation, so lets discus that further after we review some other areas of the markets.

 SPX - more sideways action. Yesterdays rally attempt sold off

    SPX 8-5

Lets look at the NASDAQ...

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What Is The Golden Key

Lets get right to the charts...

I mentioned yesterday that in addition to other things like the SOX, TRAN, and a few other things, AAPL showed signs of cracking. Please dont shoot the messenger, but it sold off further. Watch to see how this acts on the Bounce or recovery move higher. 


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Wasting Time

I wanted to get this report out tonight ,  so it's just going to be a quick review of todays market action and a bit more on GOLD and MINERS.


DJIA - The Good news was that todays sell off ended with a reversal candle

DJIA 8-3  

But there are cracks in the armor for now. Notice above the downward sloping channel with lower lows and lower highs?  Also notice...

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Steady Balancing Act

If you are a subscriber here at Chartfreak.com,  you know what this picture represents. Lets discuss the markets and see where they landed at the end of last week.


I will start with the wkly chart of the SPX. 

Again we see a LONG consolidation for the entire yr of 2015 really.  Bullish if it breaks higher and rallies, but...

SPX wkly 7-30

I want to point out the MACD on the above chart and this following chart as a reminder...

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