For Any Who Followed This Trade

OCT 10    Midday  Sold Partial position in APT,  liberal stop set on the rest .


APT SELL today


   I dont usually post my “Sells” , I leave it to the reader to trade at their own risk / reward formula.  I just wanted to point out that THIS  is now extended 150% above the 50sma, since it went up over 100% in just this week.   It is possible that It may just go sideways for a while and allow moving averages to catch up  ( like VIMC did when I sold that), but taking some money off of the table is usually wise here.

Yes – VIMC has dropped & moved sideways to the 13 & the 20sma in the past couple of weeks, holding up well.  It is actually there now, so it’s even  a tad  higher now than where I sold it! Holding may have been ok for that one , but who can tell?  locking in at least partial profits is prudent when they get this overdone.   Look at DGLY  , for example.